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AussieTrivia Locations.

TrivialityZone is a great site and the first home of #AussieTrivia with the 24/7 BogusTrivia bot SouthernCross. To use a blue link just double click on it.

The server needed for mirc and other clients is irc.chattersden.co.uk When you have connected it's as easy as typing /join #AussieTrivia

Trivialityzone IRC links.



Also in TrivialityZone is #AussieTriviaToo with fast and fun cliché trivia.

This link takes you to the TrivialityZone website. 


Rizon has:

#WynaughtPlayTrivia  with a Trivia bot that has points that continue to increase for each correct answer. The more in a row, the higher points go!

#AussieTrivia with varied questions on a tats trivia bot.



has #AussieTrivia with Dragon_Fire.

#ClicheTrivia for some fast and easy fun.

#TriviaBlitz with an awesome troyboy bot.

#TriviaGold with big points, and a massive jackpot.

#TigerTrivia a tigger Trivia.

Darkmyst link -http://www.darkmyst.org/?page=webchat

When using the link type #aussietrivia or the name of the channel you want in place of #Darkmyst

Server - phoenix.nsw.au.darkmyst.org

Bogus Trivia - AussieTrivia in TrivialityZone.

TroyBoy Trivia- TriviaGold, and TriviaBlitz DarkMyst.

Tats Trivia - ClicheTrivia and AussieTrivia DarkMyst, and AussieTriviaToo Trivialityzone.

Tigger Trivia - TigerTrivia DarkMyst.

AussieTrivia Facebook Group

A Facebook group for many of the AussieTrivia players. https://www.facebook.com/groups/342015049211006/

All of the AussieTrivia and associated channels are safe places to play with no swearing and no abuse rules.

Have fun! :D