Welcome to the AussieTrivia Information Page.

The place for useful information about #AussieTrivia

AussieTrivia Locations.

TrivialityZone is a great site with many Arcade games, Chatrooms and the first home of #AussieTrivia with the 24/7BogusTrivia bot SouthernCross. To use a blue link just double click on it.

The link to the TrivialityZone website is below. 


The server needed for mirc and other clients is irc.chattersden.co.uk When you have connected it's as easy as typing /join #AussieTrivia

Also available in TrivialityZone is #AussieTriviaToo which runs a fun TatsTrivia bot. This has been improved with many extra features, and also baby names and year answers have been painfully removed. A Saturday and Sunday Quiz are also held in #AussieTriviaToo.

Trivialityzone IRC links.



Rizon has #WynaughtPlayTrivia and #AussieTrivia both with a Trivia bot that has points that increase for each correct answer. The more in a row, the higher points go! The word game countdown is also in #Countdown


AussieTrivia Facebook Group

A Facebook group for many of the AussieTrivia players. https://www.facebook.com/groups/342015049211006/   


has #AussieTrivia with Dragon_Fire.

#ClicheTrivia for some fast and easy fun.

#TriviaBlitz with an awesome troyboy bot.

#TriviaGold with big points, and a massive jackpot.

Darkmyst link -http://www.darkmyst.org/?page=webchat

When using the link type #aussietrivia or the name of the channel you want in place of #Darkmyst

Server - phoenix.nsw.au.darkmyst.org


#TriviaGo with Dragon_Fire, #ClicheTrivia, and #Countdown

Server - lairds.ca.us.starchat.net

Bogus Trivia - AussieTrivia in TrivialityZone.

TroyBoy Trivia- TriviaGold, and TriviaBlitz DarkMyst.

Tats Trivia - ClicheTrivia and AussieTrivia DarkMyst, TriviaGo and ClicheTrivia Starchat, and AussieTriviaToo TrivialityZone.

#Countdown - Rizon and StarChat.

All of the AussieTrivia and associated channels are safe places to play with no swearing and no abuse rules.

Have fun! :D